Align Infusion Clinic

Align Infusion Clinic offers the best in customized infusion therapy in the Metairie, Louisiana, area.

The trained team of infusion specialists offers a wide menu of services, including COVID-19 antibody infusion therapy, immune globulin infusion therapy, total parenteral nutrition and enteral nutrition infusion therapy, inotropic therapy, IV antibiotics, specialty medication infusions, clotting factor infusions, and infusions to treat infectious diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions.

The Align Infusion Clinic team understands that people who need infusion therapy would prefer to have their treatment in a comfortable, clean, and welcoming environment rather than in a cold and clinical-feeling hospital setting.

That’s why the staff of experienced infusion specialists created just such an environment. At Align Infusion Clinic, each and every person can get the exceptional care they deserve, in a timely manner. To learn more about the infusion therapy process or to schedule an appointment, call the office or click the online scheduling link now.


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How Infusion Therapy for Crohn’s Disease Works

Are you one of the millions suffering from Crohn’s? Unfortunately, we can’t cure it yet but we can provide therapy that manages its symptoms. Read about infusion therapy and its role in treating chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s.

Can I Work While on Parenteral Nutrition?

Parenteral nutrition becomes a lifesaving therapy when conditions such as Crohn’s disease impair your ability to absorb nutrients from the foods you consume. Learn more about parenteral nutrition and the effects it may have on your daily routine.

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