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Align Dripology is an IV Hydration service we will be offering the general public. Our IV drips will focus on Hangover Therapy, Immunity Booster, Weight Loss, Energy, Beauty, Anti-Aging, Performance Recovery, and PMS. Call Align Infusion Clinic or schedule online now.

Align Dripology Q&A 

Why Dripology?

Dripology's mission is to facilitate wellness in the most professional, convenient, discreet, and safest way possible. Utilizing custom protocols with recommendations by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. our formulated IV treatments will leave you feeling restored and invigorated. Each of our treatments are administered by one of our experienced and licensed Registered Nurses.

Our services were designed to not only ensure safety, but to also maintain professionalism, to provide you medical standard IV treatment in the comforts of your home, hotel, business, or exclusive event. Our convenient mobile drip treatments will leave you feeling restored and invigorated. Each IV drip treatment is administered on location by one of our experienced and licensed Registered Nurses.

At Dripology, we care. #DripWithTheBest

Drip Benefits:

  • HANGOVER - In just 45 mins you’ll be back to living your best life!
    Heavy alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, which often causes those nasty hangover symptoms including nausea, headaches and dizziness. Our DETOX IV utilizes hydration, vitamins and medications to cure your hangover and detoCancel x your body.

  • TRAVEL - In just 45 mins you'll fortify your immunity and live with peace of mind!
    Feeling sick during the workday or while you are traveling? Sometimes calling in sick just isn’t an option. Our Immunity Boost strengthens your immune system by providing essential nutrients fortifying your natural immunity, preventing illness or significantly shortening the time you spend battling your cold and flu symptoms.

  • RECOVER - In just 45 mins you’ll be boosted on the road to a quick recovery!
    Ideal for the athlete who wants to enhance their performance or speed their post workout recovery, The Energy Boost IV drip replenishes electrolytes and stimulates energy allowing you to bounce back sharper and more quickly after you’ve pushed yourself beyond your limits. This IV drip will improve energy levels, focus, and cognitive performance.

  • STRESS - In just 45 mins you’ll be ready to relax, unwind, and sleep soundly.
    Extensive prolonged stress and poor sleep patterns can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, sickness and depression. Fight off your unwanted anxiety and take some time for yourself with our stress reduction infusion.

  • ANTI-AGING - In just 45 mins your skin will feel hydrated, plump, and rejuvinated!
    Chronic dehydration is known to cause dry skin, wrinkles, skin blemishes, and accelerated aging. Our Beauty Boost IV drip will visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, revitalize dull skin and overall complexion,hydrate the skin and reducing fine lines.

  • ENDURE - In just 45 mins you’ll feel relaxed, relieved, and ready to move forward!
    Everybody has days they aren't feeling good. Sometimes its our own bodily functions holding us back. The Persist IV is designed to replenish key vitamins, reduce cramps, and restore energy.


The 4 Step Process

    Choose the drip that works best for you from our list of IV options.

    Once you’ve chosen your IV drip, let us know the location of your appointment.

    A Dripology physician will review your information for approval. One of our physicians may contact you for any additional consultations.

    One of Dripology’s Registered Nurses will arrive at your scheduled appointment to administer your IV treatment.