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At least 15.5 million doctor visits are related to infectious diseases every year. Infectious diseases may require a more aggressive approach if they don’t respond to initial treatment, and that’s where intravenous (IV) therapy can come in. At Align Infusion Clinic in Metairie, Louisiana, a team of talented experts skillfully administers a personalized prescription containing the medication you need, directly into your bloodstream. Call the office or click on the provided appointment link now.

Infection Disease

What are infectious diseases?

Infectious diseases are categorized by the organisms that cause them. There are four types of infectious diseases.

  • Bacterial 
  • Viral
  • Fungal
  • Parasitic

Infectious diseases can transfer between people, through insect or animal contact, through food and water, and in other ways.

When would I need infusion therapy for infectious diseases?

If you have an infectious disease that doesn't improve after oral medication and other traditional conservative approaches, infusion therapy could be the safest, fastest, and easiest way to get the medication you need. Some infectious diseases that may require IV therapy include:

  • Diabetes-related infections, like nonhealing infected foot ulcers
  • Postsurgical infections
  • Bone infections
  • HIV
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Chronic hepatitis 
  • COVID-19

IV therapy can also prove effective against other noninfectious diseases, including chronic inflammatory conditions.

How is infusion therapy beneficial for infectious diseases?

With traditional treatments, such as oral antibiotics, you’re getting only a portion of what you take orally. Unfortunately, a lot of the drug can get lost through the digestive process. With infusion therapy, this isn’t a problem because the drug goes into your bloodstream immediately.

Infusion therapy also allows you to take very high doses of medication — doses too high to take orally — as required. IV therapy can also be a good way to get needed medications for those with swallowing difficulties that make taking medications orally difficult or impossible.

How does IV therapy for infectious diseases work?

During IV therapy for infectious diseases, a member of the highly trained IV infusion team cleans your infusion site (often an arm vein) and then inserts a needle. 

They thread a catheter, a very slim tube, into your vein through the needle, then remove the needle. This leaves the catheter in place, where it can deliver the medication into your vein. Your provider secures the catheter gently so it won't fall out or shift during your treatment.

Then, you simply sit back as the medication — IV antibiotics or another kind of medication tailored for your infectious disease — gradually enters your bloodstream. 

IV therapy takes time, so the Align Infusion Clinic team encourages you to nap, read, use your phone, chat with a friend, or do whatever you like during your treatment. Most treatments range from one to a few hours.

Infectious diseases often respond very well to IV therapy, and you can’t beat Align Infusion Clinic for safe, clean, and comfortable treatments. Call the office or click the provided appointment link to book now.